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    Lash Extensions FAQ
What are they?
 Eyelash Extensions are a synthetic lash individually attached to your natural lash. They come in different colors, thicknesses, curls, lengths, which allows for extreme customizing.

Are they safe?
Yes, Eyelash Extensions are safe causing no damage to you or your lashes. Since the lash is attached 1 mm away from the base of the lash the glue does not comes in to contact with the skin. Less than 1 % off people ever have a reaction to the glue. If you are allergic to latex hypoallergenic latex-free tape is used instead of the hydrating under eye gel pads.

How long do they last?
The lashes are individually attached to one of your own natural lashes, therefore when your own natural lash sheds the eyelash extension comes off with your lash. Depending on your health, age, natural hair growth cycle, and your care of the eyelash extensions will vary how long you will go in between appointments. 

How do I care for the lashes?
Maintenance is low for these lashes; do not get them wet for 48 hours after an application, avoid heavy oils and strong acids, keep rubbing your eyes to a minimum. 

What is my first step in getting eyelash extensions?
Call  214-960-0945

Hair Extensions FAQ

Do I need special maintenance products after I get hair extensions? Some hair extension methods will require special hair care products. Always ask in the consultation what hair care products you will need to take care of your extensions.

How often do I need to maintain my hair extensions?Maintenance schedules for hair extensions are typically every 6-8 weeks.

What is the cost of hair extensions? The Cost of extensions will vary depending on the method you choose and if you are adding length, volume, body or color.  

How long does it take to get hair extensions? It depends on the type and amount of extensions that you are getting, but generally speaking it can take from several hours up to a full day to put hair extensions in.

I have heard stories of the hair extension tangling and matting up.  How do I avoid this? Whenever hair extensions tangle and matte, it is almost always a problem of hair quality hair.  Quality human hair is EXPENSIVE.  All the cuticles are running in the same direction (Hair is cut off a donors head and kept in the same direction) and the hair is virtually unprocessed.  Cheaper quality hair is taken from brushes or off the floor, stripped of its cuticles and then coated with a silicone layer to make it appear shiny.  After a few washes the silicone layer comes off and the hair becomes tangled and mattes.  Make sure you are using quality hair.

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